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If you are one of those people who is trying to shed kilos in a healthy way but unsure about the logic and science behind it, this workshop will definitely enlighten you and help you discover your hidden potential that can be triggered with the help of a few powerful weight loss techniques.

Weight loss is a science. Its backed by scientific principles in relation to mind, body and soul. By applying certain logical techniques and tapping those hidden areas that needs attention, weight loss and weight management can become an easy task. The supplement and the product industry survives because of our constant search to find weight loss results in a quick, effortless and easy way. However, what we do not realize is that, the potential is within us. By following certain techniques and processes in the right way, at the right time with a right attitude will give nothing but only RESULTS!!!

“Weight Loss Rituals” is one such activity based learning and fun filled programme that aims at helping those trying to lose weight by revealing the actual science behind weight loss which most of us are blind about. When the mysterious world wrapped under the skin is understood, you will become a master of tapping those exact areas that need attention resulting in effective, healthy and long lasting weight loss without relying on any weight loss products.

Few of the focus areas of the activity based workshop include:

1. Understanding the science behind a healthy weight loss
2. Unveiling the techniques that will help achieve an effective weight loss
3. Diseases and its relationship with weight loss and how to tackle them.
4. Components of Lifestyle transformation and practical applicability
5. Reprogramming the mind to make healthier choices
6. Emotional eating and techniques to overcome them resulting in weight loss.
and more…

Who should attend?
1. Individuals focusing on healthy weight loss.
2. Patients suffering from lifestyle disorders which require focus on weight maintenance
3. Experts who want to explore on weight loss
4. Obese individuals who need emotional support and dietary management
5. Anybody who is open to learning and is passionate about this subject
Please note we do not market or promote any products and this is a purely knowledge sharing and awareness session.