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Module 1 : Nutrition Counseling & Personalized Nutrition plans

Considering every individual is unique, we cater to your nutritional needs after analyzing your body type, eating habits, lifestyle pattern, work routine, like/dislikes, allergies and other health conditions. Every nutritional counseling and charts (online, telephonic or face to face) are custom made ensuring that the objective is met.

Obesity Management

Weight Loss & Weight gain

Geriatric Nutrition – Diet for the elderly

Child Nutrition

Pre & Post Natal Nutrition

Diet to deal with hormonal imbalances

Therapeutic Diets

Management of food allergies and eating disorders

Sports Nutrition

Family Nutrition

Lifestyle Modification for better health

Module 2 : Nutrition Workshops & Sessions

Nutrition and Wellness Workshops

Presentations and seminars for fitness centers, schools, colleges, hospitals, corporates, associations and other fitness related agencies on custom required topics.

Healthy living activities and Nutrition awareness programmes for NGO’s and non-profit organizations.

Module 3 : Overall Wellness – A Holistic approach

Expert networking and reference to achieve overall wellness (Harmony between body, mind and soul). Involves expert counseling from various fields such as psychology, physical fitness, yoga, meditation, etc. for those in need.

Reference for health check-up and body analysis.

Module 4 : Corporate Nutrition

Understanding the Corporate culture and its effect on the employee health and performance, we provide various corporate nutrition programmes by being their Nutrition partner. With our strategically designed short and long term plans, we focus on sharing nutrition knowledge, conducting medical checkups, nutrition counseling, expert sessions on health and nutrition, thereby creating awareness about being healthy while still being employed in a Corporate.

We do not promote any third party products and only aim at purely dietary intervention and lifestyle modification.

Few of our activities under this service includes cholesterol checking camp, diabetes camp, nutrition newsletters, presentations and workshops, nutrition counseling for employees and sessions such a Yoga, exercise, image makeover to achieve overall benefit.

We also conduct special sessions for the senior level management and executive directors.

We ensure we add more value to your company by helping you achieve the below objectives.

Nutrition and health knowledge and awareness by Employees

Effective performance by the staff.

Customized topics to suit the need of the group

Less attrition and reduce the amount of sick leaves taken.

Nutrition and health choices for people who travel frequently.

Module 5 : Concept Development & Menu Planning

With the upcoming trend where people are looking for healthy eateries and food joints, the need for concept based restaurants are on rise. With this module, we assist food start-ups/existing restaurants and café’s on their concept development so that they reach a specific market and add more value to the same. We also help in modification of existing concept and menu planning thereby highlighting the nutritional value and benefits.

We partner with start-ups, restaurants and foods outlets for a short term, build the concept, develop the menu, document the nutritive values and benefits, and assist with the marketing plan and website/artwork content development.

We believe “With Novel concept, exceptional Menu and strong Nutritional foundation, your food
startup will only soar high!!!”

Module 6 : Outsourcing of Nutritionist & Dietitians

As a growing company, we identify various opportunities for professional Nutritionists & Dietitians across the country and deploy them under various projects globally. We also share internal projects, thereby enhancing the service quality and learning simultaneously.

We focus on standardized services across companies based on the requirement, after providing the necessary training, delegating responsibilities, tracking and reporting in a timely manner thereby adding value to the business associate/partner.

We abide by the rules and regulations that a professional Dietitian must follow & as a team, we always believe is promoting positive health through healthy & reliable means.