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About Nutrilife :
The new era is all about transformation to a healthy lifestyle. With the growing modernization and economy, people have easy and timely access to instant foods, eateries, social dining, and parties, thereby resulting in various health issues. There is a drastic rise in people with lifestyle related disorders such as Diabetes, Obesity, Cardiac and kidney disorders and many more. But, the good news is that, “People want to transform”, but there is a lot of information around and hence they are not sure where to begin. People want to transform for the betterment and hence the need for a professional nutrition counseling, consultation and related services.

Nutrilife was established in March, 2013 with a goal to serve individual clients across the world through its online, telephonic and face to face Nutrition consultation and counseling. With every growing year, we are growing by adding more quality nutrition services such as nutrition workshops, concept development for foods start ups, nutrition content management and menu planning for restaurants, child nutrition programmes, special diabetes programmes etc. and each resulting success story adds one more brick adding to the foundation of the company making it stronger, and stronger.

Vision :
Our vision at Nutrilife, is to serve as the most personalized nutrition service company; The result of which is radiating health, positivity and nutrition awareness and management for clients from various segments.
Our Approach :
Our Strength is our ability to clearly understand the nutrition goals of individuals or companies and help them achieve the same through our specialized nutrition strategies based on 100% dietary management and lifestyle modification. We are 100% Client centric and always aspire to provide personalized nutrition services.
About the Nutritionist :
With a Master’s degree in Dietetics and Food Service Management and a certification in Pediatric Nutrition, Ranjani Raman, the founder of Nutrilife takes pleasure in serving individuals by pursuing the profession as a qualified Dietitian and Nutrition Consultant.

With an overall experience in the nutrition industry for over 4 years under various domains, Ranjani believes that every individual is different and hence designing a personalized strategy is necessary.

Also being certified by the University Grants Commission (UGC) for lectureship all over India, Ranjani believes in exchanging knowledge, learning and spreading awareness in the field of Health, fitness, lifestyle modification and Nutrition.

Hence, Nutrilife’s Knowledge sharing module focuses on workshops and presentations for various groups. She is also an active member of the Indian Dietetic Association (IDA).

She looks forward to build her team with qualified Dietitians who can see through individuals, understand them thoroughly and provide personalized nutrition services.

“Nutrilife”, as it clearly states, aims at “Nutrition for Life”.

Nutrilife aims at a purely natural transformation through healthy eating strategies, lifestyle modification techniques and effective mind tools.