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What Our Clients Say
  • Sanghamitra Das

    It was a great learning process and wonderful journey with Ranjani and Nutrilife team.

    Following diet and working out regularly - were not a new thing to me but More than losing pregnancy weight I wanted to be fit. After pregnancy , it was big big BIG challenge to get back to earlier fitness level without affecting my baby's well being since I was breast feeding him. So, was looking for some expert who can help me to achieve the next level.

    Thankfully, I met Ranjani via a facebook group and one phone conversation with her , I knew that I am with the right person. In-depth knowledge in each and every area of nutrition and her very very well planned diet plan keeping all my daily difficulties in mind helped me to be in better health.
    With a baby at home, it was very difficult for me to find time for my food and workout but she was extremely supportive. I learnt to eat basic local nutritious foods, not to eat processed foods, to eat more greens and not to pay attention to what scale is showing.

    Thanks for helping me for a better , healthier and happier life Ranjani.

  • Divya

    Losing it right

    Losing weight is not losing out on your daily food requirements, and I learnt it in the easy way with Ranjini’s diet chart. I have been able to lose 14 kgs in just four months and I am just a few kgs away from my target. I feel surprised everytime I check my weight not because I am losing the right amount of weight but also making sure that I haven’t felt that I have been eating less.

    Strict diet plan is for sure important but eating right is more important than that. I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and losing weight without compromising on the food habits to make sure I can breastfeed my 1 and a half year baby boy was an important task in my mind. All the food charts that I got have been surprisingly comparatively easy for me to follow than the earlier instances. All I
    can say is a big thanks to Ranjini

  • Sushma Vamshidhar

    Since the day I met Ranjani Raman of Nurtilife, my lifestyle changed, especially the way I eat, the choice I could make from the varieties of food, many source of food I can eat and amazingly my body lost weight 🙂 . After my first session, Ranjani helped me understand what was the cause of my weight gain and suggested I try the balanced diet plan. I have lost around 5 Kgs since I started my nutrition journey with Nutrilife. Now when I go to any parties or gatherings, I can EAT !!! And thats because I know which food I can consume without worrying too much about the calorie intake. The positive thinking and the concept of loving my own body has helped me get in sync with myself. Throughout the time I spent with Nutrilife, Ranjani has been my rock, with regular visits and providing diet plans, fitness tips and positive energy. She has been an invaluable diet coach and I am very fortunate to have met her. Thanks a lot Nutrilife and I am confident you will change the lifestyles of many others like me.

    Good Luck !!

  • Renuka

    I got to know about Ranjani through a Facebook weight loss group and I was little hesitant to approach a nutritionist online. We have never met so far, it was just through Skype, e-mail and phone conversations but never realised that we were not interacting face to face. I had approached many dieticians before but nothing worked out for me because I cannot go on crash dieting. I wanted something that I could be a part of me for the rest of my life and but yes I was open for healthy lifestyle changes. Ranjani's diet plans were apt and suited me very well. Being a dancer, exercising was never my problem area but eating definitely was. There is a huge improvement health wise , my cholesterol levels were much more than normal, hormonal levels were never normal, but since the time I started eating right, all health issues have been resolved and have seen both weight and inch loss. The secret behind this healthy transformation is Ranjani and what sets her apart from other dieticians is her passion to help people with positive attitude. Thanks for being there Ranjani 🙂


    Me losing 4 kgs in 45 days, the credit goes to Ranjani. Her diet is very healthy and does not advise us in too many things making us confused about the diet. She advises workout / walking with a good healthy diet to keep fit. I am healthy and achieved what I always dreamt.


    Web Designer

    Have had a great experience with Wellness & Nutrition Expert Ranjani Raman, the routine she suggests is totally one of its kind as it completely contradicted my understanding of the word 'Diet'. I mean to say, she suggested eating more of healthier foods than eating less. It helped me a lot as I could notice the difference within a week. She also proposed the routine just for 6 days in a week so that you can savoir the food you like the other day. I have tried taking suggestions from other dieticians but none of them were so fruitful. She has always been very helpful in answering to my questions and trust me you will never feel that you are actually dieting and trying to lose weight when you are following her routine. Thank you Ranjani 🙂


    Airline Crew Member

    I feel healthier and have much more energy since I started the diet plan & I have lost weight. It has increased my awareness and interest in organic foods and I am now careful to read labels at the grocery store and I no longer rely on the marketing labels to define what is healthy! I love the variety of foods included on the plan and I really enjoy being introduced to foods that either are new to me or something that I was not including very often in my regular diet. Never before have I lost weight while enjoying what I was eating! trust me it is very difficult for an airline crew member to maintain diet plan and health together if you dont follow good diet plan. I am very glad to Ranjani for giving such a great diet plan, thanks a lot and looking for more and more new add-on in my diet plan.


    Architect, Prith Vie Designs, Bangalore

    Unlike most of the people consulting a dietitian, my concern was to gain weight a bit!! Then I met Ranjani. She is very thorough, responsive, motivating and most importantly, very friendly.
    I have been very pleased with the diet plan she had to offer me. After promptly following it for a couple of months now, I feel I am only a couple of inches away from my goal.
    As much as a good 'work out', a good diet definitely is very important for a healthy life and I am very sure Ranjani will help you be that 'role model' you have on your mind!!


    Power lifting and kickboxing

    It’s been 6 years since I am into the fitness field. I always thought that lifting weights and having a protein rich diet is sufficient to have a good physique until I met Ranjani who was a diet consultant in the gym where I worked out. I realized that no doubt I am in a good shape but there is some loop holes in my diet. One was I was adding excess protein without helping its absorption in the body and the other is I had overlooked the green part which was veggies, sprouts and fruits. She made me understand that how important is citric juice, vegetables and fruits in my diet. We had to reschedule my diet. There were few additions and few subtractions to come up with the best plan suitable for my lifestyle and body metabolism. The plan was split into 6 small meals equally distributed throughout the day. Each meal had a mixture of protein and complex carbohydrates. My water intake was increase up to a gallon per day. We kept the protein intake as natural as possible. I have been following this diet plan for a quite a while now and I am having good results. I had fat loss and muscle gains over the period of time. The diet keeps me replenished and energetic throughout the day. The important thing I understood is there needs to be frequent changes in our diet and we shouldn’t stick to one thing for long. Thanks to Ranjani for the continuous support and help induce changes in my plans now and then without which it becomes boring to follow the same things for a while. All in all the mantra to stay fit and healthy is eat a lot of vegetables and fruits, stay away from junk, hydrate your body by drinking plenty of water and make exercise a part of your life


    Girinagar, Bangalore

    I must tell you that I am strictly following your guidelines in terms of maintaining the daily requirements of carbohydrates, protein and fiber. The plan that you had given me has worked wonderful. Now, it is almost 3months that I am following your guidelines. As I had discussed with you, I, being diabetic person had problems in terms of higher abdominal fat and lower muscle percentage in e body. Earlier, I was not able to gain muscle weight in spite of working hard at the gym, also, I was doing almost 40kms running and 7kms swimming per week. Surprisingly, I was losing muscle but not the fat. My fat level was 19%. But last 3 months, I can see lot of improvement in my biceps, triceps and thigh muscle. I feel stronger. Though I have not checked the body composition in the last 3 months, I feel that I have reduced the fat level. I guess, it would around 16 to 17% now. My weight has gone up by 2kgs and I guess, that would be the muscles. Thanks a lot for your guidance and looking forward to see you around in September.


    It has been just a week since I have met dietician for a fitness plan and I must say that I am really impressed with the improvement seen in me. The diet plan was explained in detail mentioning about the protein, vitamin and mineral requirements for the body and the time to time consumption has been clock friendly too! The food schedule designed is in such a way that at any time of the day one wouldn't have to lose out on any food essentials. The chart given integrates perfectly with anyone's life style without disturbing your other schedules. If you plan to become healthy, look no further 🙂